Knee dislocations and multi-ligament knee injuries: A review

  • Jason Cinti, OMS-IV Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific, Pomona, CA
  • Griffin Elbert, DO Community Memorial Health Systems – Family Medicine, Ventura, CA
  • Ashley Lamb, DO Community Memorial Health Systems – Orthopedic Surgery, Ventura, CA
  • Petros Frousiakis, DO Ocean Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine, Ventura, CA
  • Stephan J. Sweet, MD, MPH Ocean Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine, Ventura, CA


Acute knee dislocations are a relatively rare type of injury that can lead to serious neurovascular compromise and ligament instability. These injuries can be potentially limb threatening if not properly identified and managed. The following review discusses the relevant anatomy of the knee joint and different classification systems of dislocations in order to highlight the complications that could occur. Timely evaluation and management, including reduction, is paramount to ensure stability and determine the need for additional imaging or urgent consultation. Knee dislocations are also associated with the unique presentation of a multi-ligament injury. This text provides an overview of multi-ligament knee injuries and the various surgical modalities currently being used. Finally, considerations are given on the role of the osteopathic approach in restoring function of the knee in the context of a dislocation.

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CintiJ., ElbertG., LambA., FrousiakisP., and SweetS. “Knee Dislocations and Multi-Ligament Knee Injuries: A Review”. Osteopathic Family Physician, Vol. 14, no. 3, May 2022, pp. 27–33, doi:10.33181/13073.
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